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Warrior Products HoodLift available at Murchison Products Jeep Aftermarket Parts Australia Specialist

Convenience and safety! Lift your Jeep’s Hood with just one hand. Dual gas shocks raise and hold the hood in an upright position.



Thumper Air Compressor, sold by Murchison Products
Price: $175.00

JK Hi-Lift / Pull-Pal Mount
Price: $395.00

Tyre Pressure Sensor Valve Stems
Price: $15.00

Poison Spyder JK Antenna Mount, Murchison Products, Jeep Parts Australia
Price: $44.00

Price: $280.00

Price: $55.00

Dodge RAM Tailgate Assist
Price: $190.00

Smittybuilt JK GEAR Tailgate bag
Price: $135.00

Uneek 4x4 Flip Table, Tail Gate Table
Price: $258.00

Bolt JK Hood Lock
Price: $110.00