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AEV Black Salta Wheel, Murchison Products, Jeep Parts Australia
Price: $375.00

AEV Onyx Salta Wheel, Murchison Products, Jeep Parts Australia
Price: $375.00

JK Splash Guards
Price: $165.00

AEV Dana 44 Diff Cover, Murchison Products Jeep Aftermarket Parts Aus
Price: $325.00

Pre-Filter Assembly for JK Snorkel
Price: $215.00

JK Slider - Rear Differential Skid Plate for the 2007 + JK
Price: $399.00

JK Front Skid Plate
Price: $505.00

AEV JK Rear Corner Guards, sold at Murchison Products, jeep aftermarket parts australia
Price: $530.00

AEV's Jack Base provides 3-1/2 inches of additional lift height to the stock Wrangler's "scissor" jack - allowing tires of up to 37" or more to be changed with ease and stability. Many people don't realize that the stock jack won't work to change larger tires until it's too late, leaving them stranded on the side of the road or worse, on the trail. The large 7.5" x 10.5" base gives the jack better stability in off-road and soft soil conditions. Handy compartments in the base store your AEV lug nut extension
Price: $89.00

AEV Rear Bumper Replacement Black Cap
Price: $11.00

JK Tubeless Front Bumper, sold by Murchison Products
Price: $1,855.00

AEV Tyre Carrier
Price: $1,395.00