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Price: $485.00

  AEV's Diesel Particulate Filter Tube is designed to fit with the AEV Drop Brackets and is made of the same high quality stainless steel tubing as the stock unit. 2011 Diesel Wranglers now come standard with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in virtually all export markets. The stock pressure differential switch tube interferes with the AEV Drop Brackets included with our popular 3.5” and 4.5” DualSport Suspension Systems and needs to be modified in order to install the Drop Brackets.  Customers in export
Price: $88.00

AEV BigBoy Folding Saw
Price: $155.00

AEV KatanaBoy Folding Saw
Price: $395.00

AEV Ono Camp Hatchet
Price: $195.00

AEV JK Cargo Matt / Liner, murchison products, brisbane jeep parts
Price: $160.00

AEV JK Front or Rear Slush Mats, available at Murchison Products
Price: $160.00

AEV Dual Washer Nozzle Kit
Price: $49.00

JK Replacement Tow Loops
Price: $240.00

IPF 901XSD Driving Light, Murchison Products Jeep Aftermarket Parts AIPF 901XSD Lights Murchison Products Aftermarket Jeep Parts Australiaustralia
Price: $495.00