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KJ Cherokee

The KJ Cherokee is a brilliant vehicle to own and drive, being owners of 3 KJ’s in the past we certainly have a respect for them, after all Murchison Products was founded off the back of developing products for the KJ in an otherwise empty aftermarket field!
We pushed companies to build products for the KJ and after a few years the products came, our own in house developed Lift is still one of our best sellers today. Snorkels, Winch Bars, Wheels, Flash Tunes (for CRD) and Lockers are all part of our standard artillery for the pocket rocket KJ.

KJ Cherokee

CRDSTU / ECUWEST Performance Flash
Price: $1,150.00

Green Diesel Engineering Flash Tune, available at Murchison Products, GDE.
Price: $1,155.00

CRDSTU KJ Cherokee 2.5” Suspension System
Price: $1,650.00

Price: $95.00

Price: $495.00

Price: $1,295.00

Runva Winch 11XP sold by Murchison Products, Jeep Aftermarket Parts Australia
Price: $825.00

Crown KJ Front Upper HD Bump stops
Price: $75.00

KJ Rear Upper Bump Stop
Price: $65.00

KJ 02' - 07' HD Upper A-Arms
Price: $695.00

Crown KJ Cherokee Lower Ball Joint
Price: $77.00