Whilst retaining IFS and a Solid Rear Axle from its predecessor, the KK packs a lot more punch - stronger diffs and gearing, bigger brakes, better engines, more room and a brilliant driving position, the KK is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing – especially when you pack it full of aftermarket gear.
With upgraded gear ratio’s and Eaton E-Lockers’ we’ve seen some KK’s take on some 'JK on 35inch tyre only' territories and laugh in the face of defeat!

Once equipped with our suspension the KK handles the winding roads like a sports car - never harsh or firm, improving the relationship between tyre and road up to a whole new level with our careful R&D put into the spring rates and shock valving parameters. If you think you’re KK is just a shopping trolley with a 4x4 badge on the back, think again. The KK is a beast when done up, and you’ll be surprised when you finally take it off the black top with new lift and wheels & tyres on board.