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TJ Wrangler

The TJ Wrangler set tongues wagging when it was released in America back in 1996 and for good reason. A short wheel base solid axle Jeep with a lightweight body and strong 4.0L straight six finally gave enthusiasts’ what they wanted.
The coil sprung TJ will impress just about anyone off road and it’s not just for rock crawling, the TJ is just as at home on the beach with the roof down as it is around any town or city as a daily commuter.

We're ready to help you transform your TJ into something amazing. Whether it be a flexing beast with long arms and more wheel travel than you can poke a stick at or a simple service and wheel alignment we have you covered.

For those of you who have just bought a TJ 2nd or 3rd hand and want it inspected by, then look no further. Contact us for a chat and we’ll point your TJ in the right direction.

TJ Wrangler

Quick Snatch - Light Truck
Price: $155.00

Winch Utility Kit
Price: $389.00

Crown TJ Rear Swaybar Cushion 52088378
Price: $22.00

Price: $1,125.00

Poison Spyder TJ Crusher Corners, Murchison Products
Price: $1,395.00

Poison Spyder TJ Rocker Knockers
Price: $995.00

Nitro D30/44 Axle Sleeve Kit, TJ, XJ, ZJ, Murchison Products Aftermarket Jeep Parts
Price: $225.00

Uneek 4x4 Flip Table, Tail Gate Table
Price: $258.00

Mopar TJ Air Filter - 04797777ac
Price: $38.00

Base6 Combat Series 10" 5w LED Light Bar
Price: $290.00

Base6 Combat Series 7.5" 5w LED Light Bar
Price: $225.00

Crown TJ Rear Swaybar Cushion 52088378
Price: $33.00

Maximus-3 Universal Winch Hook Anchor
Price: $125.00

Crown XJ, TJ, WJ Throttle Position Sensor
Price: $119.00

Warn Tabor 10s Winch
Price: $1,255.00

Warn Tabor 12s Winch
Price: $1,395.00

Price: $89.00

Bolt Hitch Pin Lock for Jeep
Price: $89.95

Bolt Padlock - works with your vehicle key
Price: $69.00

Bolt Jeep Wrangler Spare Tyre Lock
Price: $98.00