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WH Grand Cherokee

Never before has there been as much product available for the WH Grand Cherokee as there is today. The WH is supported immensely by Murchison Products, in fact it is one of our core vehicles that we modify and play with on a daily basis.
If you’ve got a long distance drive ahead of you with a caravan or boat in tow we have your suspension, performance and fit out needs covered, or if it’s a long weekend coming up and you just want some fresh oil and a filter we’re here for you as well.
The WH Grand Cherokee has never represented more bang for your buck that it does now, with new wheels, ECU tunes, Australian made bull bars by Uneek 4x4 available and our own range of products.

WH Grand Cherokee

Warn Tabor 10s Winch
Price: $1,255.00

Warn Tabor 12s Winch
Price: $1,395.00

Price: $89.00

Bolt Hitch Pin Lock for Jeep
Price: $85.00

Bolt Padlock - works with your vehicle key
Price: $59.00