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AEV Brute Conversion

AEV BRUTE, Murchison Products Jeep Parts Australia

Murchison Products offer Brute vehicle's as complete "turn-key" packages, road registered ready to go. This includes Queensland Transport Approval and Compliance Plating. (Sorry, we cannot register or comply a vehicle for any other Australian state.)

We can source & supply the donor vehicle or you can supply your own. One thing we will be making sure of is that the donor vehicle is of a high standard and not damaged or run down to a point that it would be unfeasible to perform the conversion on it. Preferably you need to start with a TJ that has a pristine engine and driveline, the lowest kms you can find and a well looked after interior with a good service history. This is not a cheap exercise and is for the dedicated only who want something different to the norm. To give you a brief idea, $20K plus your vehicle wont get you much but $30K will.

We have seen in the current build that it is not just a simple kit and wouldn’t be for the average home hobbyist or some who is "Handy with a Spanner".
There is a huge amount of time required to build these vehicles right and the figures that we have seen thrown around the internet for build times are grossly under estimated. Throughout the entire build, two people are needed to do it right, and more importantly, safely. There are also many specialist tools and machines required to undertake the modification, not to mention certification. We have successfully registered the Brute as a 2 door commercial ute.