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Axle, Driveshaft, Lockers & Gearing

Axle & Driveshaft Upgrades

This is one area that you should consider seriously upgrading once you start running big tyres and pushing boundaries. While the JK Rubicon’s are blessed with larger axle shafts, front D44 Crown Wheel and pinions and lockers out of the factory, the majority of Wranglers remain sport models with an open D30 front, 30 spline rear shafts and no lockers. If treated with “Mechanical Sympathy” when wheeling they can serve you well and normally go the distance but once you get your confidence and skills up you often find yourself outdriving the ability of the vehicle. This is pretty much the case with any Jeep (or 4x4 for that matter) and you can quickly find yourself doing damage to the driveline when offroading.

Wheel slip/wheel spin is the biggest killer of drivelines. The massive forces placed on the relatively small internals can quickly disintegrate your spider gears, uni’s and twist axles. Sometimes your might not even realise you've done some damage, but a week or two later driving around town the problem can rear its ugly head with expensive repair bills.

Look at it this way, spending money on upgrading your driveline’s strength is purely an insurance policy which gives you some peace of mind when your off playing in the good stuff!

Murchison’s don’t just stock JK Wrangler products - we stock ratio’s, lockers and other driveline upgrades for TJ, KJ, KK, WJ and WH models as well.

Lockers & Gearing

If you own a Jeep and have an appetite for hard wheeling there’s a fair chance you've got lockers & ratio’s on your bucket list.

True 100% “Locking” Differentials are the ultimate in off road traction and you really can’t beat it. Let’s be honest, at the flick of a switch you get instant forward momentum in just about any sticky situation and once you've experienced it there’s nothing better! In our experience, lockers also provide a level of safety and control when off roading in certain situations. Take for instance a muddy and extremely slippery downhill decent; for the vehicles without lockers engaged, the wheels are traditionally unloaded as people tend to use their brake going down, so whilst you’re sliding down the wheels are experiencing different levels of “Slip & Grip” thus you end up skidding down the hill quicker than you would have liked. Now apply the same situation with a vehicle with lockers and the wheels are 100% locked and rolling at the same speeds and loads – so regardless of which tyre experiences a little ‘lift off’ there is no sudden and dramatic acceleration downhill. Fundamentally – lockers give you much more control both up and downhill.

Murchison’s stock the full range of Eton E-Lockers and ARB Air Operated Lockers to suit all models of supported Jeeps and different axle and gearing combinations.

Models Currently Supported:
TJ Wrangler - Front and Rear available
JK Wrangler – Front and Rear available
XJ Cherokee – Front and Rear available
KJ Cherokee – Front and Rear available
KK Cherokee – Front and Rear available
ZJ Grand Cherokee – Front and Rear available
WJ Grand Cherokee – Front only
WH Grand Cherokee - Rear only (non QD2 model)
XH Commander – Rear only (non QD2 model)

Gear Ratio’s:
Changing gear ratio’s has become more affordable in recent years and is pretty much a must when changing out those small stock tyres to much larger sticky rubber. Ratio reduction also helps claw back acceleration and fuel economy once you've loaded up your Jeep and also help’s alleviate the strain on your axles, uni’s and drive-line by reducing load shudder. If you’re in the market for lockers then save up a little more and get the ratio’s installed at the same time – it makes financial sense as at the end of the day and when talking Jeeps Diffs - you only want to pull apart your axles once!

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