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Here at Murchison Products we go one step further than basic log book servicing for your Jeep.

Log book servicing is the bare minimum of what your 4x4 needs as guided by the manufacturer for warranty purposes. Often we see a need for greater care and attention to detail with servicing due to what condition a lot of 4x4's are in when they come through our workshop door. Time after time we find that it just isn’t enough due to the usage and demands that our Australian environment puts on the vehicle. We perform what’s known as an “Inspection Service” whereby we go through the vehicle and check more than just what the book states.

There are common potential problems that we overview and inspect and often unearth an underlying issue or two.

Not happy with who or more importantly HOW your vehicle is being serviced? Then give us a call on 07 3205 5011 or email to book in for a complete “going over” of your pride and joy.