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Snorkels are an insurance policy for your engine, plain and simple!

Here in Australia we seem to attach snorkels to our 4WD’s more so than any other country in the world besides the UK and for good reason, water crossings, mud and dust inhalation are all part of wheeling in Australia and it would be wise to do everything possible to protect your engine from these! Improved fuel economy is a bi-product of attaching a snorkel to your Jeep and only in some cases does it actually help, but fundamentally the principal of a positively charged air plenum chamber does provide better fuel economy and we do see this in vehicles that commonly sit above an average speed of around 68-70kph.

A “must” for some and a “maybe one day” for others, just think about your engine next time you plough through a deep water crossing thinking “Yeehaaa this is just like the ads on TV!” because it can all come to an abrupt end very quickly when it comes to water crossings! We have worked with snorkel manufacturing companies and beta tested Jeep specific snorkels over the years, and now we've developed our own snorkel for the 2011 - Current WK2 Grand Cherokee.

Murchison WK2 Snorkel

Designed, refined and produced here in Australia, the Murchison WK2 Snorkel provides that all important air-flow for water crossings, and cool air for when you're driving in the heat.

This snorkel will come as a complete kit ready to fit including a template for the whole trimming into the guard. We have drawn heavily on a design focus with this snorkel to compliment the shape and lines of the WK2, and not distort it, all the while maintaining a high level of airflow and compatibility. Final fitment inside the engine bay is factory like in appearance.

AEV JK Wrangler Snorkel

Providing your engine with a clean supply of air is critical to your vehicle’s performance and longevity. AEV’s JK Snorkel air intake system is the essential engine protection accessory for overland adventurers whose exploration includes deep water crossings and dusty dirt roads. This snorkel is manufactured from extremely durable cross-linked polyethylene for maximum durability on the trail.

The AEV Snorkel Kit includes an Air Ram inlet. An optional, self-cleaning Pre-Filter assembly is sold separately for use on vehicles that are exposed to high dust environments. Installation requires only minor modifications to the stock JK hood or it fits perfectly with AEV’s Heat Reduction Hood with no cutting necessary.

Murchison Products Snorkels for JK Wrangler, WK2, WH Grand Cherokees
Murchison Products Snorkels for the JK Wrangler