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Wheels & Tyres

Wheels & Tyres, the topic that creates the biggest confusion for most Jeep owners when it comes time to choosing..

Wheels are a very subjective issue when it comes to changing the overall look of your vehicle. Nothing gives more impact than changing the wheels on your Jeep, but looks should only be part of your decision making process. OE factory fitted wheels have crept up in size over the last five years as manufacturers put increasingly larger brake packages on their vehicles. There are a few reasons for this, increased vehicle mass, a desire to make it stop better than the model it replaces, and on road handling - all these come into focus for the manufacturer. So with larger wheel sizes comes lower profile tyres and that is certainly not ideal for off roading duties! Second to this, lower profile tyres give a firmer, thus much less desirable ride quality and are prone to sidewall damage.

In our honest opinion and quantifiable experience we recommend the following:

KJ & KK Cherokees – 16” or 17” rims (16’s if you’re doing more off roading)
WH & Commander – 17” rims only
WK2 Grand Cherokee’s – 18” rims only (regardless of how much on or off roading you do or plan to do)

When it comes to Tyres, we've tested just about everything there is and have come up with our own preferences – much like the age old “Which Engine Oil?” debate!
Murchison’s stock and use BFG, Goodyear and Toyo (Made in Japan) – All top end American brands mainly designed in conjunction with famous race teams who race Jeeps in various forms of 4WD Motorsport in the US. There are also a few specialty sizes that we import that are not found in Australia, 255/80/17, 285/75/17 , 305/70/17 and 275/65/18 are some examples of this.

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