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AEV Aluminum Water Bottles

AEV Aluminum Water Bottles
Weight: 1 kg

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, these water bottles are lightweight, durable and eco-friendly. The wide, thread-free mouth accommodates ice cubes on warm summer days and a food grade inner coating ensures that no chips or flakes will end up in your water and prevents heavy metal leaching. AEV Aluminum Water Bottles are BPA free and manufactured out of 100% recycled materials.

AEV Aluminum Water Bottles are available in two sizes: 700ml (Yellow w/ AEV Bison Logo) and 946ml (Black w/ Brute Double Cab graphic).

Key Features: 

• 100% recycled aluminum is lightweight, durable, and BPA-free
• Food grade interior coating is easy to clean, won't leach, and keeps beverages tasting exactly the way they should
• 1/4-turn cap is quick and leak-free
• Tapered neck provides a splash-free pour