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AEV Borah Wheel - Black - Beadlock Ring

AEV Borah Wheel - Black - Beadlock Ring

Please Note: The all black Borah wheel is a special order item only. Please contact us if you would like this style. However, we do keep in stock the machined face Bora wheels.

The Borah DualSport Wheel for the 2007+ JK Wrangler is AEV’s most versatile wheel to date. Designed as a dual purpose wheel, the Borah is available in a variety of configurations with either a fully-functional Beadlock Ring for running very low tire pressure off-road, a Protection Ring designed for street use as well as wheel protection off-road, or no ring for a simple, minimalist look. Both the Beadlock and Protection Rings are interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to run a Protection Ring on the street or upgrade to a functional Beadlock Ring for off-road use.

The Borah is currently available in either an Onyx Black or Onyx Black/Machined finish. The optional Beadlock Ring and Protection ring both feature a silver finish that can easily be painted for a truly customized appearance.

Available Configuration Options:

No Ring – The Borah wheel can be installed without a ring for a simple, minimalist look. AEV supplies black nylon hardware for this configuration to prevent dirt and debris from building up inside the threaded bolt holes.
Protection Ring – The Protection Ring is a non-functional cast aluminum ring, designed as a sacrificial part to protect the wheel from trail scratches while also providing the same look as the Beadlock Ring.
Beadlock Ring - The Beadlock Ring is designed with maximum strength and off-road durability in mind by utilizing a 16mm thick, forged aluminum beadlock ring and custom Grade 10.9 metric hardware for increased shear strength and higher torque requirements.

AEV recommends that Beadlock Rings be used for off-road purposes only.

Tech Specs

Manufacturing Process: Cast
Material: Aluminum
Coatings: Primer, Paint
Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler
Size: 17" x 8.5"
Bolt Pattern: 5x5
Offset: +4mm
Approximate Backspacing: 4.59"
Weight Rating: 2,400lbs / 10886 kg

Key Features: 

• Hub centric design
• Accepts OE lug nuts
• Recessed valve stem for added protection
• TPMS Compatible
• Molded AEV Center Cap included
• Lifetime structural warranty