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AEV JK High Steer Kit

AEV JK High Steer Kit
Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 915 mm × 250 mm × 155 mm
Installation Guides: 

AEV's High Steer Kit provides significant improvements to steering precision and handling by correcting the roll center height of the front suspension. Bringing the steering geometry back into factory alignment reduces body roll, bump steer, and roll steer, all major contributors to the loose or sloppy steering and driver fatigue commonly associated with many lift kits. The kit includes a flipped draglink to improve ground clearance as well as a heavy duty steering damper.

AEV's High Steer Kit is included with the 3.5"-4.5" DualSport SC and RS suspensions, but can also be added on to suspensions in the 3.0"-4.5" range from other manufacturers. Minimum of 3.0" of jounce bump spacing is required.

Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

Please Note: Must be used on suspensions with 3.0"-4.5" of lift. A minimum of 3.0" jounce spacing is required. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all manufacturer's suspensions.

Key Features: 

• Corrects steering geometry
• Improves steering precision
• Improves ground clearance
• Includes OE-grade draglink
• Includes heavy duty steering damper

Please Note: Depending on availability our High Steer Kit will ship with either a Bilstein or an OME Stabilizer.