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AEV JK Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier Combo

AEV JK Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier Combo
Weight: 80 kg
Dimensions: 193 cm × 168 cm × 50 cm

AEV’s Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier is like having a giant Swiss Army knife on the back of your JK Wrangler. It is the perfect solution for carrying all of the necessities for a successful overland or backcountry excursion. The system begins with the Rear Bumper, which provides robust protection against highway and trail impacts. Included in the Bumper are dual 9 liter liquid storage tanks — which are particularly handy on multi-day trips — and mounting provisions for our AEV Splash Guards.

Where the system really shines is with the chassis-mounted Tire Carrier, truly AEV’s most versatile product. Not only does it provide a strong, vibration-free and effortless means of carrying tires up to 40”, but it also accommodates numerous accessories such as our Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount, 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy, and a shovel.

This complete expedition-ready Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier System now holds:
• 40-inch tire • 37.8L Fuel Caddy
• 18L of water • Splash Guards
• Back-Up Light • Pull-Pal Winch Anchor
• Hi-Lift Jack • Full-size shovel
• Sand Flag • CB Antenna

Both the Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier are designed so that either component can be installed and used individually, or they can be used together as a complete system.

Key Features: 

• Tailgate-synchronized swing-out tire carrier
• Anti-vibration tie-rod adjustment
• Carries up to 40" tires
• Anti-bind swing out cradle
• Chassis-mounted pivot
• Chassis-mounted tubular corner protection
• Liquid storage tanks plumbed together
• Chassis-mounted steel recovery mounts
• Dual 9L liquid storage tanks
• No-slip tongue lifting points for High-Lift Jack
• Optional hand pump
• Accessory mast for work light and antennas
• Built-in step for easy roof rack access
• Textured black powdercoat finish
• Works with factory receiver hitch
• Built in shovel holster
• Takes weight of large tires off tailgate
• Bumper and Carrier can be used independently