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AEV JK Replacement Tow Loops

AEV JK Replacement Tow Loops
Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: 31 cm × 15 cm × 10 cm

These are on back order ex-USA. We have another brand available, please contact us on 07 3205 5011 for more info.

A front bumper is only as good as its ability to get your out of sticky situations. This philosophy is why AEV's Tow Loops are made of 1/2" plate steel and bolted directly to the JK’s chassis. Though thinner material could have withstood the forces of the typical in-line pulls, AEV went heavier because it knows that in the real world the anchor can be anywhere. Experience has shown that misaligned (deflected-angle) pulls are common during vehicle extractions and they can subject thinner materials to forces great enough to easily bend them right over. The AEV Tow Hooks that come with the front bumper and the AEV rear bumper recovery points have been tested to 2x GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) up to a 30 degree angle pull in any direction and 1x GVW at a 90 degree pull. The GVW of a stock United States JK Wrangler 4door is 5700lbs.

Key Features: 

- Provides a dual rated recovery point for deep sand snatch strap required recoveries
- Factory like appearance
- Cheapest and cleanest recovery points on the market!