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AEV JK Wrangler D44 Diff Cover

  • AEV JK D44 Diff Cover
  • AEV 10404005AB JK Wrangler D44 Diff Cover
  • AEV 10404005AB JK Wrangler D44 Diff Cover
8 kg
Package Dimensions: 
28 × 28 × 9 cm

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Never worry about smashing in or peeling off your differential covers again. These great looking nodular iron differential covers offer a ton of unique features in an incredibly durable package. AEV designed this cover specifically for the Front and Rear Dana 44 axles found in the 2007+ Jeep JK Wrangler, so you’ll notice it’s a bit different than competitive covers that are built for a wide range of Dana 44 applications.

The AEV JK Differential Cover features two fluid level ports, placed at the correct level to meet factory specifications for both the front and rear axles, eliminating the need to guess on oil levels or use a dipstick to figure out the correct amount of oil. For added convenience, the AEV JK Differential Cover has an over sized fill port located on the top of the cover. This fill port not only allows you to easily add fluid in the field if axle repairs are necessary, but also doubles as an inspection port, allowing the user to see inside the differential, inspect ring gear teeth, look for water intrusion and even use a dial indicator to inspect for problems without ever removing the cover.

Combine these unique features with the factory magnetic drain plug in the axle and maintaining your axles has never been easier!


Key Features:
 • Manufactured out of high-strength nodular iron
 • AEV's exclusive oversized fill plug
 • E-coated and powder coated for maximum durability
 • JK-specific front and rear fluid level check plugs