AEV Ram Raised Air Intake System

  • AEV Dodge Ram Raised Air Intake System
  • AEV Dodge Ram Raised Air Intake System
  • AEV Ram Raised Air Intake System - ram 2500
5 kg
Package Dimensions: 
132 × 35 × 17 cm

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You can instantly feel the difference with the AEV Intake installed. Let the big 6.7 & 5.7 engines get all the clean air they can!

Inspired by heavy duty industrial and military applications around the world, the AEV Raised Air Intake is designed to provide your hard working engine with the coldest and cleanest air possible, maximizing engine performance and increasing longevity - even in the most severe environments. There are significant benefits to having the giant 5" diameter open air intake sitting alongside the vehicles A Pillar nice and high. Stick your hand out the window next time you're driving down the road over 80kph at get a feel for how hard that air is pushing against your hand!! Think about how hard its pushing down the throat of the whole snorkel body!! It works - and works well 
Constructed of UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene, the intake body is both lightweight and extremely durable.

The AEV Raised Air Intake is available in two air inlet configurations—a traditional Air Ram or a High-Efficiency Dust Filtration System. The High Dust Filtration System features a robust, self-cleaning design that is essential when traveling long distances through dusty terrain or idling for long periods of time on a construction site.

Please Note:
The ATECO Built 1500's require an extra AEV Air Box Adapter to connect the snorkel to the 1500's airbox and the Murchison built replacement HD Airbox (added in the drop down box menu) This is automatically added to your order when selecting ATECO Ram 1500 on the order page. Our new airbox allows for reusing the stock airfilters for warranty and reliability - we also recommend selecting the K&N Filter option for MAXIMUM performance and fuel economny gains. 

Key Features:

This kit fits SCD, Maracoonda & Performax Converted Rams without any add ons but a relocation of the indicator may be required depending on where the converter has placed the new side indicator.

• Fits late 2009 onwards Ram 2500,3500 Diesel w/ Active Air Intake, no issues , no mods
• Raises air intake for a cleaner, colder air supply to engine
• UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene construction, ultra tough
• Optional High Efficiency Dust Filtration System filters out 98% of debris