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Airflow PX Ranger Snorkel 2011 - 2015

Airflow PX Ranger Snorkel 2011 - 2015

An Airflow Snorkel allows the engine to breathe easier by drawing clean, fresh air from the windscreen level. The design ensures that the snorkel fits snugly against the guard complimenting the vehicle and adding to the style and image.

The material for the snorkel is from the highest grade Virgin Polyethylene Plastic and is fully formulated for long term UV resistance.

The most extreme conditions encountered in many parts of the world have tested Airflow snorkels to the limit, and the durability, toughness and design aspects of the snorkel have proved to be equal to the most difficult challenge. Airflow Snorkels deliver air where it is needed. Fuel efficiency, economy and improved performance from your vehicle is what Airflow Snorkels are all about – as well as being able to go through that river crossing without stalling.

Key Features: 

• Designer styled with no visible bolts or brackets
• 3.5 inch cold air induction
• Two piece aero foil grill on the Cold air induction Air Ram for greater lamina air flow
• One piece Polyethylene Moulded Air Ram including grill