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Bolt Hitch Pin Lock for Toyota Vehciles

Bolt Hitch Pin Lock for Toyota Vehciles

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Hitch Lock or Hitch Pin Lock can be used to secure the removable tow ball, trailer hitch or caravan hitch. This locking hitch pin, or tow hitch lock is a heavy duty hitch lock that has a master lock functionality and is weatherproof, with the highest corrosion resistant rating.

This high-security hitch lock is pretty much the best hitch lock in the market and with the master key capability, you are able to keyed alike the hitch lock with many other BOLT BOLT Products. These self-keying hitch locks are simple to set up, simply insert your key for the first time and turn, the self-keying functionality of the BOLT Lock will then be set mechanically and permanently to that key.

Key Features: 

• 15mm diameter stainless steel pin
• Maximum Gross Trailer Weight of 7,575kg (16,000lbs) and maximum Towball Tongue Weight of 725kg (1,600lbs)
• Suitable for Heavy Duty Towbars with removable Tongue and fits 50mm x 50mm Receivers
• high-security with the highest corrosion resistance rating,
• Automotive Grade stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture
• Plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping
• Auto return spring locks automatically when the key is removed
• Double ball bearing locking mechanism
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.