Bolt Lock Basic Tow Pack

  • Bolt Lock Basic Tow Pack

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Security for when you're towing and camping is a must, too many oppotunites exisit for theft to occure, and trailers, horse floats, and caravans are major targets. Secure your expensive investmen with the range of Bolt Lock products, and keep what is yours, yours.

1 x Bolt Hitch Pin Lock
1 x Bolt Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock
1 x Bolt Coupler Lock

Bolt Hitch Pin Lock

Keep your expensive trailer or towing hitch locked up save and sound with the Bolt Ram 1500 Hitch Pin Lock. Using Bolts patented techonology, the entire Bolt Lock range can be set to your vehciles key, meaing you don't ned to carry around spare keys for each lock. 

Bolt Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock

The BOLT Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock can be used to secure your boat or trailer when it isn't attached to the vehicle, prevent thevies from simply connecting your trailer or caravan and driving off.

Bolt Coupler Lock

The Bolt Coupler Pin Lock is a heavy duty coupler lock. Fully weatherproof with the highest security plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping. Fits couplers from 12mm to 85mm and any size in between, and comes with a 15mm Stainless steel pin for durability.