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Chief Products WK2 Rock Rails

Chief Products WK2 Rock Rails
Weight: 44 kg

Chief Products WK2 Rock Rails deliver critical off-road protection for your WK2 with an integrated design that compliments your Jeep's good looks.
They utilise high-strength steel and increased body connections to deliver improved rigidity and better impact force distribution than any of their competitors. The smooth 'boat bottom' design protects the body seam underneath the vehicle while ensuring you can easily slide over off-road obstacles. The integrated design replaces the OEM plastic rocker panels to maintain off-road clearance, and the flush mounted bolts ensure everything looks great when you open the doors.

The steps have been optimised to keep obstacles away from the sides of your WK2, while also providing easy entry (or convenient access to your roof rack).

Chief provide two tread plate options that allow you to stylise your WK2 Rock Rails however you choose - The Trek Eleven, and Safari Three styles.

Want a more OEM look? Select the [No Tread Plate] option, and you'll get a sleek rail, and save a few $$ at the same time.

The Bare Bones Edition strips back features without sacrificing quality to deliver a no-nonsense version of our WK2 Rock Rails. They still provide industry leading off-road protection, easy installation, and a top-notch integrated design, but at a significantly lower price point. They’re perfect for anyone looking for a purpose-built protection option for their WK2.
Best of all, they spent (8) months performing rigorous real-world testing to ensure these are the strongest and most reliable rock rails available for your WK2.

Off-Road Protection
Provides off-road protection for the rocker panels and lower doors of your WK2. This design also provides protection for the body seam and wiring loom that run along the underside of your WK2.

Made from High-Strength Steel with a design that incorporates more body connections than our competitors to improve rigidity and provide significantly better impact force distribution. Through FEA computer modeling and (8) months of real-world testing, Chief Products delivered high-strength rock rails that you can rely on when you need them most.

Great Style
The Cheif Products design team paid attention to every line, so they could deliver rock rails that compliment the lines of your WK2 with a fully integrated appearance. Open the doors and you immediately notice the attention-to-detail with our streamlined design and flush mounting bolts. Best of all, we provide (2) tread plate options so you can stylise your WK2 Rock Rails however you choose. The dual-layer design of the tread plates utilises a polished lower plate that looks great and provides an instant wow factor.

The steps have been optimised to keep obstacles away from the sides of your WK2, while also providing an easy entry (or convenient access to your roof rack). Through real-world testing, we ensured you could easily step out over the steps without hitting your leg. We even tested our tread plates to ensure small feet (or paws) wouldn't have troubles with the openings in the tread plates.

Maintains Off-Road Clearance
Since our design replaces the OEM plastic rocker panels, (rather than bolting below) it maintains maximum off-road clearance.

Jack Points
Two (2) jack points (front & rear) on the underside of each rock rail.

Smooth 'Boat Bottom' Design
The smooth 'Boat Bottom' design ensures that you can easily slide over off-road obstacles. There's nothing to get caught on off-road and all of the mounting bolts are tucked away and protected.

Easy To Install
Many rock rails for the WK2 are very difficult to install. Some can take up to 8 hours, while others require drilling and numerous nutsert installs. As a point of difference, our engineering team has delivered an install process that is extremely easy. We provide easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. If you're half-way decent with a wrench you can install this yourself.

Industry Leading Corrosion Protection
We utilise E-Coat (Electrophoretic Coating) to provide the very highest corrosion protection available for steel automotive parts. Deposited from a water-based solution using a high voltage DC charge, the process coats all wet surfaces with an extremely tough and highly corrosion resistant finish that is unlike any other process. Additionally, if you purchase one of our tread plates you'll be happy to know we anodise the polished Aluminium to protect it from oxidation and keep it looking great.

Top Quality Finishing Touches
High tensile zinc plated bolts for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Wedge-Lock washers to create bolted joints that are extremely resistant to loosening. Anti-Seize for bolted joints that are resistant to seizing. A Chief Products Shop Rag for all the dirty jobs around the garage. All packaged with extreme care to arrive safely and looking great.

Key Features: