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Comp Snatch - Heavy Truck

Comp Snatch - Heavy Truck
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 1000 mm × 400 mm × 300 mm
Installation Guides: 

With all the products you need for a safe snatch recovery, especially in competition or OHS demanding applications, the water/tear resistant heavy duty recovery bag has plenty of space to store your existing recovery equipment or to add more items to your kit as you go.
In addition to the compliance rated snatch strap and bow shackles, the kit includes a competition grade recovery blanket, leather lined gloves and an equaliser strap with protective center sleeve to spread the load between recovery points and/or chassis rails.
This kit is suited for those with a heavy truck, fully loaded vehicle over 3.6T (including trailors or caravans.)

Key Features: 

Kit Contents

• 11T/9M Snatch Strap
• 10T/3M Equaliser Strap
• 2 x 4.75T Rated Bow Shackle
• 5.75T Rated Bow Shackle
• Competition Recovery Blanket
• Recovery Joiner Strap
• Hook Strap