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CRDSTU / ECUWEST Performance Flash

CRDSTU / ECUWEST Performance Flash

The new CRDSTU flash tunes are now available! We’ve partnered with another tuning house to co-develop a new range of more punchy tunes for your CRD Jeep JK and WK2 with all validation testing here done at Murchison Products.

For those of you with a 2007 - 2010 CRD JK, KJ Cherokees, KK Cherokees or WH Grand Cherokee we offer the fantastic GDE Unit, click here for more details.

The results are sensational so far and if I didn’t approve it, I wouldn’t be selling it. We will be slowly adding dyno graph print outs to our site over the coming months, this includes our WK2 graphs with our 3” dual exhaust and custom larger intercooler package, and a customer testimonial section so you can add comments of how your vehicle was transformed or read from other people’s experience.


We can in house flash your 2007 - 10 via the OBD2 port which takes no time at all, however for the 2011 onward CRD’s they require an overnight stay at our workshop to perform the operation, as do all WK2’s (2011 - 15).

• All flashes must be done here in house so you can either drive in and drop off your vehicle or you can remove your ECU and express post up to us here in Brisbane.
• If you have a 2007 - 2010 CRD JK, we also offer the Green Diesel Engineering Tune Package.
• We can turn the ECU around in 24hrs.
• All EGR's are turned off in all tunes
• All tunes provide a punchier, harder accelerating drive and return better fuel economy numbers than stock (please read testimonials)
• We offer a stage 2 flash for vehicles equipped with proper turbo back exhausts and or intercooler upgrades
• It is recommended for JK CRD's to run a Poison Spyder heat reduction vent or AEV Heat Reduction Hood
• It is recommended that all AUTO JK CRD's also run a proper Auto Transmission Cooler

CRDSTU Jeep Specific Tuning, the only way.

Key Features: 

• Significant Torque Increase
• Notable Mileage Gains
• Smoother, Harder Acceleration
• Lower EGT's than the competitors