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CRDSTU JK Front Flexi Coils

CRDSTU JK Front Flexi Coils
Weight: 12.5 kg
Dimensions: 370 cm × 600 cm × 200 cm

The Murchison CRDSTU JK Wrangler Tapered Wire Flexy coils have come about after years of R&D and testing to find the perfect balance between wheel travel, comfort and ride height.

All of the CRDSTU coils are made right in in Queensland by our manufacturing partner King Springs, to our own design specifications.
Tapered Wire coil technology has been used in the motorsport industry for years but has never successfully been translated to 4x4 aftermarket production, but through countless testing hours, miles covered and test coils being swapped in and out we believe we have created the ultimate JK coil.

You can change the height of each corner of your JK in 15mm increments by simply changing the coil out to the next part number up or down.
For those of you who have a Diesel LWB JK's with tonnes of remote touring gear on board, we also have an EX EX HD part numbers for those very heavily setup JK's so please order specifically.

Murchison CRDSTU Flexy coils are designed to work with 24-28.5" travel shocks front and rear. Appropriate bump stops need to be installed to minimize chances of bottom out however the coils are designed so they don't go "Solid" and fatigue as a result like so many other coils do on the market!

All our coils come with a life time warranty!

Want that big wheel droop without your coils falling out? Then look no further!

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Key Features: 

• Tapered Wire Design
• Stress Tested
• Allows big wheel travel and low lift
• Comfort Spring rate