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CRDSTU WH Air Intake Replacement Plate for ARB Bar

WH Air Intake Replacement Plate for ARB Bar
Please Note: 
This product only fits underneath an ARB Winch bar on a WH
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 40 cm × 27 cm × 5 cm

Our Air Intake replacement plate was designed to replace the heavy steel stock plate that comes with the ARB Winch bars on the WH.

The position of this plate normally blocks off airflow to the bottom 7" of your vehicle's radiator and intercooler (on CRD's) thus making the engine run hotter and using more fuel. Our plate being HD Aluminium saves weight on the front end of your WH and the louvers provide cool clean fresh air to the radiator and intercooler.

Our customers have reported a drop in temps on the factory gauge cluster of 1 bar indicator which represents approx 15degC in the engine.

Key Features: 

• 5kgs less than the stock ARB Steel Plate
• Provides cool fresh air into your radiator/intercooler
• Lowers running temps and saves fuel
• All Australian made
• Powder coat satin black