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CRDSTU WH Front Engine Skid Plate

CRDSTU WH Front Engine Skid Plate
Please Note: 
This product fits both CRD and Hemi WH's
Weight: 5.5 kg
Dimensions: 70 cm × 90 cm × 12 cm

Our main engine sump skid or "Sand Slider Plate" is a purpose built light weight flat plate that protects the underside of your WH from stick / rock strikes and impacts, it also deflects alot of sand whilst driving through deep ruts which keeps the sand out of the engine bay where it can do damage.
This plate must be fitted in order to fit our Power Steering Hose Protector Plate

Key Features: 

• Protects Engine Sump and surrounding area
• Provides a flat surface to glide easily over deep sand ruts
• Protects under body from rock and stick strikes
• Lightweight construction yet rigid and strong