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GenRight JK Rear Fuel Tank - 75L

GenRight JK Rear Fuel Tank - 75L

Never hassle with transporting and transferring gas from gas cans again with the GenRight JK Extended Range additional tank!
The GenRight Extended Range Tank will give you a 900 KM range! The 75L extra tank increases your total capacity in a 4 door JK to 140L!
The nice part is you will not notice the extra gas tank since it is mounted under the body in the very rear of the vehicle and fills through the stock gas cap.

It was specifically designed to be mounted under the rear cargo area of a Jeep JK so you can keep the center of gravity low!
This tank follows in a line of innovative and trail proven heavy duty gas tanks produced by GenRight.
The tank is not a "transfer tank" it is a completely redundant tank with it's own fuel pump that is switched by you from the dash. Both tanks tie back into the factory fuel and emissions equipment so you won't get any check engine light or have computer issues.

Please Note:

• Requires the purchase of another factory Jeep fuel pump module (from Jeep dealer).
• Because of the mounting location, installation of this product requires changes to the exhaust.
• Requires removal of the rear floor tool storage area (behind rear seat).
• To install this product it does NOT require a body lift.
• Requires removal of the stock sway bar, but will work with Currie "AntiRock" rear sway bars. Sold Separately.
• Aftermarket Lifts, that use a different trac bar may be an issue, as the tank was designed to fit with the stock rear trac bar.
• Can be used with factory tow hitch.
• Driving range quoted above is calculated on 150L at 24L/KM

Key Features: 

• Hangs no lower than the factory muffler did (does not hurt departure angle).
• Fits in both the 2 and 4 door JK models (2007 to Current).
• Accepts the stock Jeep fuel pump module.
• Fully assembled fuel tank in a Heavy Duty skid plate.