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GME TX 3350 80 Channel UFH Radio

GGME TX 3350 80 Channel UFH Radio
Installation Guides: 

Super Compact UHF CB Radio with LCD SoundPath™ Speaker mic

The TX3350 is an 80 channel, feature packed super compact UHF CB radio with the new SoundPath full function LCD Speaker Microphone.
The challenge was to create a unique solution that allowed a full function LCD Microphone that could house a built in speaker with clear audio all within a compact and ergonomic design. SoundPath diverts the audio through a unique convex path around the microphone bollard, whilst maintaining the compact size.

The TX3350 combines the unique combination of space saving benefits of a super compact size radio and full function speaker microphone all in the palm of your hand. The radio can now be discretely installed in almost any location within a vehicle and without the need for extension speakers.

This item meets AS/NZS 4365 for radio communications equipment in the UHF citizen and personal radio service.

Key Features: 

• Full spectrum backlit LCD microphone with Soundpath speaker
• 80 Channel UHF CB
• User selectable open and group scan
• User adjustable squelch
• User selectable duplex channels
• User selectable priority channel
• Five year warranty
• Australian design and manufacture