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IPF 900XS Spot Light (Pair)

IPF 900XS Spot Light (Pair)
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 305 mm × 230 mm × 230 mm

The IPF 901 Driving Lights feature a tough, heavy gauge steel body and hardened glass lens that is submersible up to 11.8 inches for up to two minutes! The advanced Heatproof Resin Reflector features an incorporated water and dust resistant breather. The design of the reflector surface is optimized to the bulb, providing the ultimate lighting performance. These lights include a set of advanced IPF 100w H9 Halogen Bulb with water and dust seal for maximum life and performance.

Key Features: 

• Driving Beam
• Tough, Heavy Gauge Steel Body
• Submersible to 11.8" for Up to Two Minutes
• Advanced Heatproof Resin Reflector, Incorporating Water and Dust Resistant Breather
• Reflector Surface and Design Optimized to Bulb Design for Ultimate Performance
• Hardened Glass Lens
• Advanced IPF 100W H9 Halogen Bulb with Water and Dust Seal for Maximum Life and Performance
• Reinforced Multi Directional Mounting Base
• Waterproof Connectors on Bulb Lead and Loom Connection