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JBA WH 05' - 10' HD Lifted Upper A-Arms

JBA WH 05' - 10' HD Lifted Upper A-Arms
Please Note: 
***these arms suit lifted applications only, cannot be used on stock height vehicles*****
Weight: 7.5 kg
Dimensions: 47 cm × 32 cm × 17 cm

If you're about to lift your WH Grand Cherokee and it has around 70,000+klms on board you might want to factor in a set of these new HD upper a-arms to suit lifted applications.
The factory arms lack coil clearance when lifted springs are installed and can come into contact with the upper ball joint boot. The Upper stock balljoint is also only just capable of running a lift so these new Upper A-Arms correct the ball joint geometry and sit the balljoint more square at normal ride height thus achieving a better resting angle. Less angle means less stress on the ball joints.
We also stock the replacement greaseable ball joints for these arms.

Key Features: 

Suits Lifted WH & Commander'
Much stronger construction than stock
Corrects ball joint and arm geometry for better caster and camber angles giving a better wheel alignment reading
Saves you labour costs in the long run to get them installed at the same time as a lift !
HD Greaseable Ball joints included - bolt in ready to go