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JK Heat Reduction Hood Raw

JK Heat Reduction Hood Raw
Please Note: 
**If you do not have 2 washer nozzles on your JK you will need to add the AEV Dual Washer Nozzle kit with this purchase as all AEV Hood stock now have 2 washer nozzle holes as standard***
Weight: 28 kg
Dimensions: 158 cm × 100 cm × 20 cm

AEV’s all steel Heat Reduction Hood provides both fresh intake air and critical under hood cooling. With its clean, fluid lines, this hood’s design is not only functional but also adds distinctive styling to your JK.

The central vent of the Heat Reduction Hood is positioned to take advantage of the low-pressure area created at the front edge of the Hood when the vehicle is in motion. Since air moves from high pressure to low pressure areas, the placement of the center vent causes cooler outside air to be drawn through the radiator and up through the Hood.

The stamped steel Heat Reduction Hood features OE-style crumple zones and comes ready to paint in an e-coated finish. The side mesh inserts are removable to accommodate the installation of AEV’s Snorkel Kit.

Please Note:
The 2013 JK Wrangler now features dual windshield washer nozzles. The current Heat Reduction Hood design has dual windshield washer nozzle. For those customers with a pre-2013 model JK, you will need to purchase the AEV Dual Washer Nozzle Kit.
This can be purchased here.

Please Note:
These hoods come raw, and unpainted. We have included some painted photos so you can see an example of the quality paint work we at Murchison Products can provide.

Key Features: 

• All steel construction
• Fresh air intake
• Reduces under hood temp
• Comes e-coated, ready to paint
• Adds style to any 2007+ JK Wrangler
• Great replacement for damaged stock hoods
• Includes full stamped steel inner
• OE-style crumple zones designed to collapse in accidents
• Side mesh opening fits AEV's Snorkel
• Crumple zone, for improved crash safety