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J.W Speaker LED Jeep Fog Lights (Pair)

J.W Speaker LED Jeep Fog Lights (Pair)

The Model 6145 J Series off-road LED fog light, like its predecessor the Model 6145, retrofits stock Jeep fog lights in OEM and aftermarket bumpers. It utilizes unique anti-flicker technology to eliminates the flickering commonly associated with pulse width modulation (PWM) signals in 2014 and newer model year Jeeps – no bulky anti-flicker harnesses necessary!

The unique styling of our signature solid-optics with proprietary technology makes the Model 6145 J Series an ideal off-road fog light for placement for your Jeep.

Key Features: 

• Designed exclusively for Jeep Fog Lights
• Intended for 2014 & newer model year Jeep Wranglers
• If you have a 2013 or older model year Jeep Wrangler, please use the standard Model 6145
• Splicing required
• Retrofits Stock and Aftermarket Bumpers with Stock Mounting Configurations