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Mopar 2019 JL Wrangler Full Bead Lock Wheel

Mopar 2019 JL Wrangler Beadlock Wheel
Weight: 30 kg

Coming soon. ETA on this part is mid January 2019!

One wheel. Dual functionality. That is what you get with this silver and black beauty from Mopar's Jeep Performance Parts.

On one hand, this is a cast aluminum 17x8 with 5in Back Space (+12 offset), hub centric wheel that features a standard outer tire bead for normal DOT approved tire mounting. However, with an available forged aluminum functional bead lock ring, you can turn this wheel into an off-road masterpiece. This optional ring moves the tire bead outward to a fully functional bead lock position, allowing for serious off-road operation with low tire pressures to achieve maximum traction. The forged aluminum functional bead lock ring comes with longer hardened steel fasteners and is NOT DOT approved for street use.

When bead lock ring is installed, wheel width is altered to 8.5". The wheel's 12mm offset also allows installation of up to 35" tires without any frame interference. Wheel features a satin black center, silver ring and Jeep branded center cap.

Please Note:
These wheels are not ADR approved for on road use in Australia

Key Features: 

• Genuine Mopar Beadlock
• Can be run with or without beadlock configuaration
• Clean visual lines, not clustered or too "Techno" looking
• Unbreakable Mopar Quality