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MOPAR WK2 Rock Rails

MOPAR WK2 Rock Rails
Weight: 44 kg
Dimensions: 570 mm × 290 mm × 130 mm

The Mopar Rock Rails are more than just side protection for your WK2 - they act as a brilliant side step so you can get up closer to the roof to tie down equipment, wash the roof properly and just look plain cool.....
Excellent HD construction, nothing flimsy about them whatsoever - we rate these very highly for a factory rock rail.
Pls note the factory front mud flaps do not go back on after installing these rails due to the changes in shape along the side sill.

Key Features: 

• Unmatched Side Sill & Door Protection
• Looks sensational, sleek functional design
• Functions as a side step to reach up to the roof much easier for tie downs ect
• Protects Lower door edge from off road rock strikes