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MOPAR WK2 Skid Plate Set

MOPAR WK2 Skid Plate Set
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 80 cm × 90 cm × 20 cm

The Genuine Mopar under skid plates kits for the WK2's are a brilliant way to protect the vital underbody organs of your new WK2.

You can only lift a WK2 so high and gain clearance with tyres, so its a good idea to protect the under body areas with these heavy gauge steel skids from Mopar.

The skid plates are made from heavy-gauge steel to fortify their effectiveness.

Kit Includes:

Front Axle / Sump Skid Plate - Mopar Item # 82211995
Green - 1 x Skid - Protects the front axle on all WK2 models, as well as the rear of the oil pan on diesel model WK2s. The oblong hole provides access to the oil drain plug on diesel WK2s. It is made from 3mm stamped steel and provides good protection.

Transfer Case Skid Plate - Mopar Item # 82211994AB
Blue - 2 x Skids - Protects the transfer case, fuel lines and wiring harness. It is made from 3mm stamped steel and provides good protection.

Fuel Tank Skid Plate (pair) - Mopar Item # 82211999
Red - 2 x Skids - These protect the plastic fuel tanks. They are made from 3mm stamped steel and provide good protection.

Another piece to add to the underbody protection group is a Uneek 4x4 front Engine/Radiator Skid plate which bolts directly to the Mopar front engine skid.

These items come in 3 separate packages which are heavy and cumbersome for shipping - so please contact us for a shipping quote.