Murchison Patriot / Compass 2.0" Suspension System

  • Murchison Patriot / Compass 2.0" Suspension System

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These coils are in stock and available to ship ASAP.

The Patriot/Compass coils raise the vehicle by approx 2”. We have seen some variances between USA models however for the most part a 2” lift is achieved. The early Patriots seem to be the lowest and end up achieving a 2.25” lift approximately. The late model and current Patriots are higher than the early models from factory thus achieving around an inch+ over standard. Our Patriot coils are shipped all over the world due to how physically small they are. We’ve revised the design a few times in the early days of these coils and have come up with a perfect balance between comfort, lift and load carrying. Pick your Patriot’s belly up off the ground today with these sensational coils, you won’t regret it!

• The displayed price is in Australian Dollars.
As of April 2020 $750 in $AUS is $462.45 in $USD. Please check with a currency converter for up to date exchange rates.

Please Note: If you’ve noticed there’s been a price rise, you’re correct. The $AUS has fallen drastically against the $USD, due to global fall out from Covid -19 Virus, at the same time international freight costs have risen sharply. We feel that the $460 - $475 USD mark is a fair price to pay for our premium Australian made coils, especially when this price includes shipping halfway around the world. As (if!) the Aus $ rises and stabalizes, the price will be adjusted accordingly - our aim is to keep the price no higher than $495 USD, delivered to your door.

About this lift:

• Approximate height gain in a Jeep Patriot / Compass CRD: Rear 50mm, Front 48.5mm.
• Shipping is free for Australia, The United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, and South Africa. Shipping is door-to-door with tracking via TNT International Couriers.
• Once installed you will need to get a wheel alignment on you Jeep. If fitted at Murchison Products workshop we can organise a wheel alignment. (This price may be subject to change.)
• These coils are only available in black.
The rear coils are our HD coils. We found that most Patriot owners wanted the HD coils over standard, so have made them the default.

This kit contains:

• Front Coil CRDSTU 06 (x2)
• HD Rear Coil CRDSTU 07 (x2)
• Front Camber Bolt CRDSTU CB114 (x2 pins)

International Shipping

• Shipping is door-to-door with tracking via TNT Couriers (a FedEx owned company.)
• Free shipping for anywhere in Australia, The United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, and South Africa.
• If you live in one of the above listed countries:
1) Add these coils to your cart.
2) Proceed through the checkout process as normal. Ignore the 'click to calculate freight' button on the checkout screen.
3) Once your payment has been processed with PayPal, we will send you a tracking number as your order is picked up by TNT.
• If you have any problems with the above, please email us and we'll help you out.

Key Features:
• Over 12 months of solid testing and tweaking.
• Looks great.
• All Australian made coils.
• Shipping is included for anywhere in Australia, North America (USA & Canada,) South America, Italy, UK, South Africa