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Murchison WK2 Repacement Intake Tube

Murchison WK2 Repacement Intake Tube
Please Note: 
Fits CRD models only
Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: 30 mm × 100 mm × 100 mm

Our Stainless intake replacement tube was developed to allow a higher airflow rate of the factory inlet piping. It also lets you actually hear the turbo a little better as the stock plastic " muffler" literally does that - it reduces intake noise.

This kit allows you to simply reuse the stock hose clamps and is bead rolled on the edges to prevent the hose popping off under boost! We see the stock ones popping off all the time and especially after a tune!

Please note this inlet tube is included in our exhaust kits for 3.0 CRD WK2

Key Features: 

- Higher Flow Rate than stock
- Increases Turbo induction whistle