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Nitro D30 Front JK Chromoly Axle Kit (non Rubicon)

Nitro D30 Front JK Chromoly Axle Kit (non Rubicon)
Please Note: 
These are complete pressed up ready to go shafts, just bolt in.
Weight: 18 kg
Dimensions: 97 cm × 26 cm × 24 cm

Nitro Gear & Axle D30 Chromoly shafts come with a lifetime warranty against breakage and are the best axles you can get for your JK. They come completely assembled ready to bolt in and go.
The stock weak Semi floating rear can bend axles out near the collar where it opens up, having a Chromoly set in there will help reduce the risk of this happening.
Wheel with confidence and treat your JK to a set of upgraded axles today!

Please Note:
These are available in either 27 spline, or 30 spline. What you need depends on what locker you're installing, or plan to install in the future.

Key Features: 

• Stronger Chromoly
• New wheel bearings, race and seals pressed in ready to go