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Offroad Animal WK2 Nudge Bar

Offroad Animal WK2 Nudge Bar

In Australia, we call it a nudge bar. Americans often refer to it as a bull bar. Whatever you call it, don't leave your Grand Cherokee unprotected upfront. This 2.5" steel bar is perfect for the occasional protection required, and a great place for mounting accessories like lights or antenna.

Tow points are required to mount this bar to the vehicle. Select option above to add Offroad Tow points if you do not already have them.

This Nudge bar fits all Wk2 Grand Cherokees 2011-2019

• Protects the front of your Grand Cherokee from small bumps or can be used to nudge things out of the way.
• Comes with some snazzy looking Rated Red Tow hooks that can be used to pull yourself fwd or others backwards
• Great platform for mounting lights (requires clamp on mounts which are not included)

• Made from 2.5" x 2mm Steel tube
• Mounts off 2 tow hooks which are made up of 2 x10mm steel plates, so pulling from 20mm steel per side
• Zinc plated then powder coated matte black
• Works with Grand Cherokee Parking Sensors
• Works with Grand Cherokee Adaptive cruise radar
• Easy to install
• Works with Offroad Animal front bumper and hidden winch mount or can be run alone

Included in the box (if you don't already have tow points)
• Nudge bar
• RH Mount
• LH Mount
• Tow hook set
• Nuts and bolts

Included in the box (if you already have tow points)
• Nudge bar
• RH mount
• LH mount
• Nuts and bolts