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Poison Spyder Dana 44 Bombshell Diff Cover

Poison Spyder Dana 44 Bombshell Diff Cover
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions: 31 cm × 33 cm × 1 cm

The Poison Spyder Dana 44 Bombshell diff cover is cast from highly ductile nodular iron—the same material drag racing differential housings are cast from to handle thousands of horsepower.

The design of the Bombshell incorporates recesses to protect the diff cover bolt heads from trail damage, while the profile of the Bombshell acts as a ramp to help slide your Jeep up and over the most troublesome pumpkin-eaters. The ramp profile also results in an extremely thick (up to 1" thick) —cross-section around the bolt ring, where contact with the rocks is most likely. Throughout the rest of its cross-section the Bombshell is the thickest cast differential cover on the market, from 7/16" to a brutal 1/2" thick at the outermost surface.

Please Note:
We can paint the bombshell to any colour you like.
If this is a colour match to your Jeep, please leave your VIN in the notes section at checkout. Also please indicate if the paint is the spider only (with black background) or the entire diff cover.