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Poison Spyder JK 2 & 4 Door Crusher Flares (Aluminum)

Poison Spyder JK 2 & 4 Door Crusher Flares (Aluminum)
Weight: 40 kg
Installation Guides: 

The Jeep JK's thin sheetmetal fenders and stock plastic flares are among the most vulnerable body components when traversing the trail. The Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flare kit improves both the aesthetics and durability of your Jeep during your off road adventures. Poison Spyder Standard Width JK Crusher Flares provide tire coverage similar to the factory flares, with the added advantage of a better approach angle and outer tire clearance. Aluminum Crusher Flares are the perfect balance between strength and light weight. This product ships as bare aluminum—it will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation.

Please Note:
These flares do not come painted. We can provide Powder Coating, and Painting services at additional cost. Please contact us for more info.
These flares come in two boxes, front & rear. Shipping will cost slightly more than what is auto generated via the website, please contact us for more details.