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Poison Spyder JK 4-Door Brawler Rockers (Aluminum)

Poison Spyder JK 4-Door Brawler Rockers (Aluminum)

Brawler Rockers™ are two-piece "mini-boatside" style rocker armor. Each component is fabricated entirely of CNC-laser cut, precision brake-formed 3/16" plate. The upper piece fits the lower section of your Jeep's exterior sheetmetal like a glove, conforming to the subtle curvature of the JK and providing protection.

The lower piece incorporates a rub rail/step that protrudes about 3¼" outboard of the Jeep's body tub. The top surface of the rub rail may also serve as an entry step. Below, the brake-formed 3/16" plate material angles down and inward to form a high clearance boatside. Inside, an array of beefy 3/16" thick internal gussets provide extra strength to the Brawler Rocker™. Oval lightning holes along the length of the boatside section provide great Poison Spyder looks while allowing access to hose out mud and debris after a day on the trail. The ends of the Brawler Rockers are capped in the same 3/16" plate material, in angled facets that allow up to a 40" tire.

Please Note:
All Poison Spyder products come raw, Murchiosn Products can provide powdercoat or painting services at additional cost.