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PX Ranger 3.2 TDI - CRDSTU / ECUWEST Performance Flash

PX Ranger 3.2 TDI - CRDSTU / ECUWEST Performance Flash

The new CRDSTU flash tunes are now available! We’ve partnered with another tuning house to co-develop a new range of more punchy tunes for your 4x4 with all validation testing here done at Murchison Products.

The driving experience has been transformed with effortless towing and hill climbing.
+ 20% Power and torque

• All flashes must be done here in house so you can either drive in and drop off your vehicle or you can remove your ECU and express post up to us here in Brisbane.
• We can turn the ECU around in 24hrs.
• All EGR's are turned off in all tunes
• All tunes provide a punchier, harder accelerating drive and return better fuel economy numbers than stock (please read testimonials)
• We offer a stage 2 flash for vehicles equipped with proper turbo back exhausts and or intercooler upgrades

CRDSTU 4x4 Specific Tuning, the only way.

Key Features: 

• Significant Torque Increase
• Notable Mileage Gains
• Smoother, Harder Acceleration
• Lower EGT's than the competitors
• DPF Deletes are not available due to emissions laws, these result in $100,000 fines for the busines providing them