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TMD JK Heat Reduction Hood

TMD JK Heat Reduction Hood
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 1575 mm × 1015 mm × 200 mm

Truck Master Designs™ Cold Air Induction Hood features a functional cowl vent that draws cooler low pressure air into the engine bay to reduce underhood temperatures. The cool air then circulates around the warm engine and is then exhausted through the hood’s left and right side vents. The molded internal air duct also pipes cold outside air to factory air box intake to further increase engine efficiency. Cooler engine temperatures increase engine life while facilitating great power and performance. This is a direct bolt on installation and only requires a slight clearance mod. Made from a high-impact resistant poly carbonate ABS blended plastic that's easy to paint and will not dent. Comes ready for prep and paint. Made in USA.

The TMD Hoods offer a fresh, minimalistic tough look that gives a slightly “Old School” look to your JK.