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Uneek 4x4 2011 - 2016 WK2 Steel Winch Bar

Uneek 4x4 2011 - 2016 WK2 Steel Winch Bar
Please Note: 
This list price reflects the added shipping from Uneek in Melbourne
Weight: 60 kg
Dimensions: 200 cm × 65 cm × 50 cm

The all Australian Made Uneek 4x4 front Full Face Winch Bar is here and in stock ready to go! This bar integrates seamlessly onto the front end of the WK2 with factory like appearance and compliment's the front end of the Grand rather than hides it like some of the competition's bars.

Fully ADR & Airbag Compliant, this impressive crash tested bar comes standard with 2 rated recovery points welded into the winch cradle mounting system, high lift jack location holes, PDC sensor holes and ACC mounting as standard. Here at Murchison Products we can add or delete certain aerial mounts and or add tabs for your own customised requirements.

Finished in a matt texture black OE style Powder coat with additional zinc undercoating, all Uneek products demonstrate a high level of corrosion resistance and final finish.

It can be purchased in Classic style (no top hoops), Urban style (a center single hoop) or for the ultimate protection a triple hoop full face design which looks great colour coded on the 2014+ models.

All Uneek 4x4 products are manufactured using the highest quality Australian BHP Steel, not made overseas with recycled metal with inclusions from cut down old ships!

Compliment the front end of your WK2 and add a then only Australian made WK2 winch bar.

Please Note:
• We highly recommend the fitment of the CRDSTU front leveling coils or lift kit at the same time as fitting the bar and or winch
• This bar is designed for tyres up to one size larger than standard. For upgrades on your wheels and tyres to fit this bar we can advise you on your options, please call us for further info.

Key Features: 

• Australian Made & ADR compliant
• Airbag compatible
• Provisions for driving lights, LED Light Bars and UHF aerial's (x2), PDC sensors and factory ACC
• As standard LED fog lights and LED indicators included in the bar protected by a polycarbonate Lexan cover.
• Lights are mounted within a steel box construction inside the outer wing which strengthens the area considerably