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Uneek 4x4 Hi-lift jack A pillar mount

Uneek 4x4 Hi-lift jack A pillar mount
Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions: 15 cm × 10 cm × 8 cm

Mount your High lift in a classic location. This spot keeps your jack low but still safe. It also protects the side of your jeep from branches. This method is one of the cheapest ways to mount your high lift jack. A steel slider with a protruding step is required to support the bottom of the jack. Customers are required to fix the bottom of the jack to the slider by either drilling and tapping the slider as to bolt the jack to it, or utilizing a U bolt. These lower fixing points are not supplied as we dont know what slider you are running. However if you are running a Uneek 4x4 slider a U bolt can be supplied.

Please Note:
Requires a slider with a step to support the bottom of the jack (not included in this price)
Requires a Hi lift jack isolator to prevent the jack handle rattling on the jack stem

Key Features: 

• Bolts on to existing holes on the A pillar with new stainless steel hardware
• Mounts to A pillar with 2 Stainless steel M12 bolts through supplied nut plate
• Extra hole to include a pad lock if desired
• Made in Australia