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Uneek 4x4 JK Flare Spacers

Uneek 4x4 JK Flare Spacers
Weight: 1 kg

So you prefer the stock flare look but have wider/ taller wheels and tyres that need extra coverage. Don't spend too much on replacement flares or add-on rubber outers that look very out of place. That being said if there is an aftermarket flare that you really like but is not wide enough these will still work for you. These flare spacers mount between the body and the flare so you can maintain that stock look. If you want extra tyre clearance for offroad axle articulation, then you can simply cut your stock flares into flatties yourself and with these spacers save hundreds on full replacement flat flares.

This two piece (per corner) foam flares are super simple and cheaper than full replacements and easily install to keep your Jeep looking as Jeep intended albeit with a wider stance.

Please Note:

Requires nutsert gun to install m8 nutserts for rear flares
Each corner of your jeep will have 2 foam sections for a 1" extension and 4 foam sections for a 2" extension.
If you already have the 1" extensions and want to upgrade to the 2" please contact us

Key Features: 

• Available in 1" increments. Can be stacked up for 2" extension per side
• Will work with aftermarket flares
• Made from EVA100 black foam
• Spacers can be painted to match the vehicle
• Keeps your vehicle legal with large tyres buy pushing factory flare out 1" or 2".
• Flares now bolted to the body with M8 hardware for super strong join
• Hardware kit included for all 4 flares.
• Proudly made in Australia