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Uneek 4x4 WK2 Hidden Winch Mount & Pre Runner

Uneek 4x4 WK2 Grand Cherokee Hidden Winch mount and Pre Runner

Okay, so the front of your Grand Cherokee looks great just the way it is from the factory, but you need a winch for that assurance for the weekend trips. Uneek 4x4 has the perfect solution for you.
This hidden winch mount, tucks in nicely behind your factory bumper. So nicely in fact it doesn't even block any air flow. Now you can drive around the burbs and cities with a factory looking Jeep but know you have a winch hidden there for when you need it.

For those a little more adventurous you can add the Uneek 4x4 Pre Runner kit which is basically a series of bash plates to protect the front end. The cool thing about these is they also can stay hidden behind the lower air damn and only show their beauty with it removed. Basically you can have a serious winch and bash plate system for the weekends that stay hidden during the week. Stay tuned for front mounted brush bars and driving light mount to come soon.

Features Hidden winch mount

ADR and Airbag compliant
Made from 3,4,5 and 20mm steel
Powder coated in Zinc prime then texture black
Includes 2x 20mm steel tow hooks that stick through holes in bumper so still work with full bumper fitted
Works with full bumper in place or lower air damn removed for offroad.
Takes most winches up to 11,000lbs, (contact us with your winch choice to see if it fits)
Fully hidden winch does not interupt cooling airflow
Works with all parking sensors
Requires pre runner if used with ACC Sensor

Uneek 4x4 suggests purchasing our number plate flip to work with the hidden winch mount. This can further cover the winch fairlead for the completely stock look.

Key Features: 

• Proudly made in Australia
• Includes 1 centre bash plate and two outer ones
• Protects radiator, washer bottle and air suspension compressor
• Made from 3 and 4mm steel
• Powder coated in Zinc prime then texture black
• Works with ACC Sensor
• Works with all parking sensors
• Works with factory bumper in place or removed lower air damn section
• Works with Uneek 4x4 WK2 bash plate